How to remove melted candy from car seat

How to remove melted candy from car seat-an easy guide

Do you need the solution to removing melted candy from your car seat? If so, then there is no need to look anywhere else any further, as today we will be discussing the various methods on how to remove melted candy from your car seat with ease. When it comes to candy, we all know how sticky it can be. Now, try to imagine how sticky can melt candy be. Melted candy sounds ten times worse than just normal candy, so it will definitely be a lot harder to get rid of it, as it won’t come off that easily.

Therefore, whatever we do to remove melted candy from the car seat, we need to do it properly and with precision as one slight mishap could cost us greatly, and we need to avoid any kind of mistake at this point since our first mistake was already accidentally dropping melted candy on to our car seat. Let us get onto the methods section and take a look at the solutions.

How to remove melted candy from car seat

Method 1: Using the freezing and scrapping technique

Usually, whenever there’s something sticky, that is stuck onto something, it can be pretty annoying to take the sticky substance off, and it can cost you a lot of time. Even after you manage to get it off somehow normally, you will notice that tiny bits of that sticky substance still manage to hang on to the object and those tiny objects could be impossible to take off. So, how can we remove melted candy, which is not an easy substance to remove due to its stickiness, and it’s the semi-solid state?

Foremost, we can start by turning it into a solid from its semi-solid state. To do that, we need a bag of ice or any kind of bag that is frozen and kept in the freezer for hours so that it’s really cold and can work perfectly. If you don’t have a frozen bag, then you can just take some ice cubes and those will work just fine. Next, you need to take the frozen bag or the ice cube and place it on top of the melted candy.

Now, why did we place something very cold on top of the melted candy? Well, we did that because at cold temperatures, or more specifically sub-zero temperatures, the melted candy will start to harden up and turn into a solid form from its semi-solid state and this will help us greatly to remove it. Apart from just changing state, due to the cold blow, the melted candy will also start to lose its stickiness and all of its adhesive properties.

Once you have noticed that the melted candy on your car seat has turned into a solid matter, now is the time for you to strike, as the hardened candy will be easy to remove than when it is in its semi-solid form.

For this part, you need to take like a knife, scrapper, or anything that is sharp and pointy. You need to now take the sharp object and slowly start to scrap and take out the hardened candy in a gentle manner since you don’t want to cause any kind of damage to your car seats. You need to be patient and take your time at this point, as rushing will only make the situation a lot worse.

Once you have scrapped off the entire hardened candy, either you can take a brush and dustpan to wipe off the scrapped hardened candy bits or you can just plug in your vacuum cleaner and suck up the scrapped hardened candy bits while also giving your car’s interior a quick cleanup in the meantime.

What will happen if I rush the scrapping process?

You need to make sure that while scrapping the hardened candy off the car seat, you need to do it slowly and gently. If you rush and do it by applying too much pressure, then you will end up tearing your car seat since you are using a sharp object. You might even put up scratch marks on your car seats if you do it in a quick manner and not be able to focus on one spot. 

Method 2: Using a hair dryer

We all know that melted candy falls on your car seat, by the time you reach home or even try to fix it, it will start to harden up a little bit but not completely harden up which makes it a nuisance since it’s usually easy to take out liquid candy or solid candy but not semi-solid candy. So, is it possible to change the state of the candy? Definitely yes, as for this method, instead of turning a melted candy into solid form, we will be turning it into its liquid form. To proceed with this method, we need a hairdryer and a spoon.

First of all, we will use the hairdryer simply and slowly try to melt the candy. We need to make sure the hairdryer is set to a specific heat level, as too much heat might burn the car seat or form marks on the car seat due to the heat. Once you have set the hair dryer at a certain not-too-high heat level, now use it to blow hot air over the melted candy and try to turn it into its liquid state. It might take some time since you are not using too much heat, but in time, you will notice that the candy has started to melt and turn into liquid.

Once you see that it has completely turned into liquid, now you need to use a spoon to scoop up the melted candy and dispose of it properly, as leaving it at room temperature will harden it up again. Using a fork won’t be that effective, as the melted candy can easily fall through the tines and set you back to square one.

Method #3: Using an ethanol solvent

Sometimes, not all kinds of homemade methods will work, so we need to think outside the box or more likely, think outside the house and expand our horizons. Ethanol is an organic compound that has many uses from making drugs, plastics, and cosmetics to using it as alcohol pads for cuts and injuries all the way to humans drinking it on a regular basis. Another name for ethanol is alcohol, and now many people will understand its uses. Ethanol is a very good solvent that helps in dissolving a lot of things, which is why it comes in handy.

However, not everyone stores ethanol in his or her house, so you might need to run to a store and get it from there. Once you have the ethanol solvent, take some cotton pads and pour a bit of that ethanol solvent onto those cotton pads and slowly rub around the melted candy and wait for a few minutes after rubbing. Once a few minutes have passed by, you will start to notice that the melted candy has started to dissolve once it has dissolved completely, you need to take some tissue paper and clean up the entire spot, and get rid of the melted candy.

In case you weren’t aware, you need to make sure that you have gloves on during this method, as ethanol can be harmful to your skin because if you are exposed to ethanol solvent, then your skin will start to irritate a lot and you might even contact Dermatitis. Therefore, make sure you have your gloves on from the beginning of this method since it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

What will happen if I directly pour the ethanol solvent on top of the melted candy on my car seat?

That would be a huge mistake as ethanol solvent isn’t safe for car seats since it can damage your car seats and reduce it’s longevity which will lead to it needing to replace within a short time.

Method 4: Get it professionally cleaned

Whenever our car gets dirty from the inside or the outside, we tend to give it a clean ourselves or take it to a car wash, where they can clean it a lot better than us. Since melted candy on your car seat is an obstacle, and you cannot remove it easily, you can try taking it to a professional car wash and ask them to remove it for you. These professional car washes tend to wash hundreds of cars every day, so they definitely came across cars that couldn’t remove melted candy off their seats, they might have a trick or two up their sleeves that can help them remove the melted candy with ease.

So, if you want to save time, or you are in a hurry, then you can take your car to a professional car wash and watch the expert handle the situation without breaking a sweat. This will however cost you money, but at least you don’t need to get your hands dirty trying to remove melted candy.


Now that we have reached the end, melted candy can be a nuisance, and it can be even more annoying if it’s somewhere where you have to sit as if you sit on it, you might end up sticking melted candy on your clothes with can take a while to get rid of. You will need to remove melted candy from your car seat as quickly as possible because not removing it early on can attracts ants and all kinds of other insects that can quickly take over your car.

Therefore, make sure that you remove melted candy from your car as soon as possible. We all face different kinds of problems every day, and we at Hacks for Cars try our best to help everyone with their problems and make sure that they leave our site with a smile on their face. I hope that this piece of the article was able to solve your problem on how to remove melted candy from your car seat. If you have any other questions about other problems, then you can refer to our other articles, which might help you.  

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