How to make car freshies last longer for car

Proven Ways How to make car freshies last longer for car

Have you ever wondered what car freshies are? You might have heard about them from friends or some car shop sales representatives offering to add it to your cart, but do you know what car freshies are actually? Well, car freshies are a piece of air fresheners that can be hung on your car’s rearview mirror and give your car a new, fresh, and aromatic atmosphere. While they are good at creating a fragrant environment, don’t expect them to last forever, as their lifespan is pretty small, which can be very frustrating and can make you buy them from time to time and that could cost you a lot of money.

However, in this article, we will elaborate on the ways how to make car freshies last longer for your cars more effectively. So, without further ado let’s dive into our main discussion.

Why do they lose their scent very quickly?

Car freshies are small in size, which is why they don’t have enough substance in them to keep the car aromatic for a long period of time. Now, some might suggest that why not then make a big one and save time and money on buying them every time. However, if we make big car freshies, then it will be too heavy to hang on the rearview mirror and if we do try to hang it on the rearview mirror, then the rearview will fall off from its position and will end up creating a huge mess. This is why it comes in small sizes and shapes instead of giant ones.  

One of the main factors that take away a car freshies essence is direct exposure to sunlight. When direct sunlight falls onto a car freshie, they start to react a lot vigorously due to direct sunlight since they are not built to handle too much sunlight. Once they start to react vigorously, they will slowly melt down, cause a mess and create a nasty smell that’s unbearable.

Apart from melting, when they are exposed to extreme heat, they will start to disperse quickly and create an environment where the smell is too strong and unbearable and could cause a coughing reaction since it’s too strong. Sometimes, the heat can cause the car freshie to disperse a pungent smell, which can be toxic therefore, it’s better to wear an N95 mask when entering the vehicle.

Now that we have discussed the factors that can deteriorate a car’s freshies life quickly, let us now talk about the ways which can be implemented to preserve a car’s freshies life and keep our car’s interior aromatic for a longer period of time.

How to make car freshies last longer step by step guide

In this section, we will go through some elaborative processes on how to make car freshies last longer so make sure read the whole article carefully before jumping over another one, let’s dig in the steps here –

Step #1: Keep car freshies away from direct sunlight

To make sure that your car freshies last a lot longer than it’s supposed to, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight. You can try parking your car in a shaded or dark spot. A shaded or dark spot won’t have access to direct sunlight so there won’t be any direct sunlight hitting your car freshies and it will both be good for your car’s interior and your car freshies.

Step #2: Keep several car freshies in different locations

Most of us think that car freshies need to be hung up on the rearview mirror to get the full extent out of it and while that might be the situation in most cases; you can twist the situation and make it even better. How about instead of having just one car freshie, you go ahead, acquire multiple car freshies, and put them in several different locations around your car?

It could be on the air conditioners or on the driver and passengers’ headrest or on the map pocket, on the parcel tray, or under the driver’s seat and the list goes on where you can keep it. You can basically keep it anywhere you want to as long as it’s a good spot. You might want to avoid the passenger’s feet area since legs will be moving, and people might accidentally step on the car freshie and destroy them completely.

Step #3: Place them elsewhere when not in use

We don’t use our car all the time, right? When we don’t use our car, we don’t keep the rearview lights on, or the hazard and the indicator lights on then why should the car freshies still be in the same place when they are not being used. Keeping the car freshies in one spot the whole time might make them prone to direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Therefore, when you are going to exit the vehicle, you can keep the car freshies in your car’s glove compartment or in your center armrest where the car freshies won’t be affected directly. Anywhere that’s dark and not moist is the perfect place to store your car freshies. This way, you will be able to use your car freshies for a lot longer and not deteriorate them.

Step #4: Try to keep your car’s interior temperature balanced

To make sure that your car freshies are functioning properly and not deteriorating quickly, you need to keep your car’s interior temperature balanced. If your car’s interior is too hot, then your car freshies will slowly start to melt and create a strong and pungent smell, which can become unbearable due to the extreme heat. Now, you might think that then maybe you should keep your car extremely cold to prevent that.

That still won’t help as keeping your car extremely cold can create condensation and might make the car freshies moist which can completely damage the car freshie and might even create molds, which can be a mess inside your car. Therefore, you need to make sure that your car isn’t too hot nor is it too cold as the balanced temperature is very important here, you need to make sure that you align your car’s interior temperature based on the weather outside.

Step #5: Buy the good quality car freshies

When it comes to purchasing car freshies, you shouldn’t go for the ones that cost less as those will be made with cheap materials, which can easily deteriorate after few hours even though the box might say few days. It will just end up being a waste of money and might even disperse toxic smell without your knowledge.

These cheap car freshies will easily melt when it is exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. You shouldn’t also buy the most expensive ones as even though they might be good, they will come in small quantity. You should always go for the ones in the middle and do some research on them to know which one has a better brand and quality when it comes to car freshies.

Step #6: Level up your car freshies scent level

By using car freshies only, you might not be able to keep your car’s whole interior aromatic all the time. With just one car freshie that’s hanging on your car’s rearview mirror, you might be able to keep the car’s interior aromatic but it won’t reach all the parts. How can we fix that?

Well, you can start by using other kinds of scent boosters and use different kinds of car sprays to keep the car’s interior aromatic while working side by side with the car freshies. You can also get air fresheners but the plug-in ones that can be equipped onto your car’s air conditioner. These different kinds of scents will act as an additional aid, which will help in keeping every single corner of your car aromatic.


In the final analysis, we have now concluded on how we can keep car freshies last longer than usual. The best way to preserve it’s condition is by making sure that it does not come in direct contact with sunlight nor is the interior car’s temperature extremely hot as these are the main killers when it comes to car freshie’s life. Some might say that you can always buy new car freshies if the old ones are ruined but I think it’s better to preserve their condition and use it to their full extent than just buying them from time to time.

We all face different kinds of problems every day and we at Hacks for Cars try our best to help everyone with their problems and make sure that they leave our site with a smile on their face. I hope that this piece of the article was able to solve your problem on how to make a car freshie last longer. If you have any other questions about other problems, then you can refer to our other articles, which might help you.

If you are interested in learning how to make car freshies then you can read our comprehensive guide on a complete guide on how to make car freshies.


How do you get rid of the excessive strong car freshie smell that was caused due to extreme heat?

To bring the car’s interior environment to a balance, you need to throw away the car freshie as soon as possible and open all the doors and windows so that the smell can quickly exit your vehicle. You can also try wearing an N95 mask so that the strong smell doesn’t affect your respiratory system and then take your car out for a drive with the windows down completely. This way the strong wind from the outside will enter and exit your vehicle rapidly and remove all kinds of strong smells of car freshies from your car’s interior environment

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