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A comprehensive guide on ceramic coated car for 2022

When you hear the word ceramic coated, you might think that the car is coated in either cement or ceramic, which sounds both weird and ridiculous when it comes to cars. Instead, it is a type of coating that is meant to make the car look a lot better and make it more gorgeous. However, some might think it’s a bad idea while others think that it’s a good idea. Well, today we are here to put our thoughts into the whole debate and tell you the proper ways on how to take care of a ceramic coated car.

What is ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coatings are a type of chemical solution (silica and alumina) polymer that is added onto the outside body of your top of your car’s paint so that it stays protected and safe from external harm. These kinds of coating are added by the use of the hand and hydrophobic shield around your car, protecting it from all kinds of liquids, and it incorporates with your car’s paint hence not creating any kind of mess. It is basically a new type of skin layer on your car that makes your car very fancy, shiny, and protective. They are most commonly used on cars that are meant to be outside all the time, like SUVs and trucks.

why you should choose the right coating for your car?

There are many types of coatings available for use on automobiles.  Some are designed to protect the car from the elements, others are meant to improve the look or performance of the vehicle. Which coating is right for your car depends on a variety of factors, including what you want protection from and what you hope to gain from using a coating. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a coating:

  • Coatings can be effective at protecting cars from the sun and rain, but they will not protect them from scratches or other damage caused by regular use.
  • Some coatings may increase the gloss or shine of a car’s finish, while others may reduce it.
  • Some coatings may require special care and may not be compatible with certain types of paintwork.

How to prepare your car for ceramic coating?

If you are thinking about ceramic coating your car, there are a few things you need to do beforehand.

  1. First and foremost, make sure that your car is clean before beginning any ceramic coating process. All the dust and debris will create bumps and bubbles in the finish, which will ultimately be visible and distracting.
  2. Next, remove any excess wax or sealant.
  3. Make sure to stay away from direct sunlight while the coating is drying so that it doesn’t discolor your car.
  4. Use a sealant to protect the surface from getting scratched or dented in the process.
  5. Finally, prep the surface by sanding it down if needed and applying a clear coat of primer.

How to apply ceramic coating to a car?

In this section, we will describe how to apply ceramic coating to a car. We also explain why it is important to choose the right coating for your vehicle.

Step 1: Choose the right coating:

There are many types of coatings that you can use on your vehicle. The type of coating you choose will depend on your car’s color, the amount of protection you need, and what you want to do with your car.

Step 2: Apply the coating:

Once you’ve chosen a coating, you’ll have to apply it to your vehicle. You can use a spray or brush. The coating will be applied in multiple layers. Start by sanding down the car’s finish with medium-grit sandpaper. This will help remove any existing wax or sealant and make it easier for the ceramic coating to adhere. It’s important to make sure the coating is applied properly. Be sure to use the correct nozzle for the type of coating you’re using and adjust the pressure accordingly.

Step 3: Finish the coating:

Once you’ve finished applying the coating, you’ll need to finish it off. You can use wax or sealant. Wax will keep your car looking shiny. The sealant will protect your paint from scratches.

Step 4: Wait:

Wait until the coating dries. The coating will dry in about 24 hours.

how to remove ceramic coating on car?

In this section, we are going to learn about removing ceramic coating on cars. Though it’s a long process to remove it we tried to make it more precise here . Now we are going to show you how to remove ceramic coating from a car.

Ceramic coating is a very hard protective coating that is applied to the body of the vehicle. It is used as an extra layer of protection against scratches and dents. It is applied by the car manufacturer. The coating is applied by spraying a ceramic powder onto the car. The coating is then baked at a high temperature and cured with UV light. After baking, the coating is ready to be applied to the vehicle.

Unfortunately, these coatings can be quite difficult to remove. If you want to remove your ceramic coating, there are a few steps you will need to take.

  • In the first step, you will need to use a degreaser or a cleaner that contains abrasives. This will help loosen the coating and allow you to scrub it off with a cloth or a scrubber.
  • If the coating is still stubborn, you can try using a liquid chemical stripper. This will break down the coating and then you can remove it with a cloth or a scrubber.
  • Once the coating is gone, your car may look dull and old again. You may also have some residual damage from all of the cleaning process.

how to care for ceramic coating on car?

Now that we have discussed the main benefits and drawbacks, let us head onto the next section, and that is how to take care of them. It’s not that hard to take care of such cars, as they are almost just like any ordinary cars with few tweaks. You can observe the following methods when it comes to taking care of a ceramic coated car.

Method 1: Rinse Wash

This is the basic method and only works well if your car isn’t very dusty or covered with too much dirt. This is a very quick and easy method that takes up barely any time from your day. All you need to do it slowly rinse your car with a bucket.

  • Firstly, take a 5 gallon water bucket and fill ¾ of the bucket with water and the rest ¼ with soap that is safe for washing ceramic coated cars.
  • Mix up the solution in the bucket and slowly use your hands to wash your car. Instead of using any old clothes or rags, try to use a car wash mitt as they are more effective and will provide better results.
  • After you are done, you can use a microfiber towel to dry up your car and make sure that your car is spotless.

Method 2: The Main Hand Wash

The reason why this is called the Main Hand Wash method is that this is the main hand wash method. This method is usually used when your ceramic coated car has dirt, mountains of dust, and all kinds of other mess. This is a time taking process and you need to be precise as to not damage the ceramic coating anyway, but in the end, it’s all worth it. Therefore, let’s get started.

First of all, wet the car’s exterior body with some water, just to make sure that no light dirt or dust stays back on the car. Once the light dirt is gone, now it’s time for the hard dirt, and this one is a bit tricky.

Apply some snow foam shampoo and use a hose cannon to spray water on top of your car and keep it like that for 5-10 minutes so that the dirt can get off easily.

Once the time has passed, rinse off your car and make sure that all the dirt gets off too. Once you make sure that the dirt is off completely, you need to take 2 buckets for the next process.

One of the buckets is going to be for washing, while the other will be for rinsing. Now, take a car wash mitten and use that to gently wash your car. You need to make sure that the mitten you will be using is of high quality, as poor quality can damage your car’s ceramic coating and create scratch and swirl marks.

Once the washing part is over, now comes the rinsing part, and you have to use the other bucket that was filled with water and marked for rinsing. Use the bucket of water and slowly rinse your ceramic coated car and make sure that all kinds of soap and everything gets wiped off. Once it’s rinsed properly, grab a microfiber drying towel and use that to dry your car smoothly.

If you want to save some time and have the proper resources, then you can use a blow dryer but that’s only for the door handles and not the whole car.

Now that we have seen the pros and cons and learned how to take care of a ceramic coated car, we have finally come to an end. Ceramic coated cars aren’t that hard to take care of and they provide multiple advantages but if you want to protect your car from scratch and swirl marks, then you need to know about the paint protection films. You might be wondering, what is the purpose of coating your car with ceramic?

Well, mainly for two reasons. The first one is that the ceramic coating will provide extra protection for your car from external harm and the second one is the fancy look. When you apply a ceramic coating on your car, your car has a glossy look and a much fancier look, and who wouldn’t want that, am I right?

Hoping that this piece of the article was able to help you with how to take care of your ceramic coated car. If you have any other questions, feel free to refer to our other articles which might help you.  

Advantages of ceramic coating in your car

Now that we have gone through the basics, let us now talk about the benefits of applying ceramic coating on your car. First, since it works as a hydrophobic shield, it is protected from all kinds of liquids such as water, juice, urine, etc. Even if one of your friends tries to prank you by spilling acid onto your car’s body, there won’t be any result as the ceramic coating protects your car from any, all kinds of liquids.

And since water won’t stick to it due to its hydrophobic nature, you won’t even have that much problem while washing your car as water will easily drip off your car without you needing to wipe it off or waiting for it to dry.

We kept on talking about it’s hydrophobic nature but let us now talk about another major benefit and that is the protection your car from UV rays. UV rays are very harmful for your car. Not only car but it can also affect human beings greatly but we will talk about that some other now. For now, let us focus on the cars. Ceramic coating can create a very effective barrier between UV rays and your car and protect it from all kinds of harm specially your car’s paint colour.

Disadvantages of ceramic coating in your car

Just like how everything and everyone has a good and bad side, similar to that, the ceramic coating also got some downfalls that we will now be explaining to you. Let’s us start with the most common one and that is the water spots still remaining back. Basically, when you wash your car, you will expect the water to fall off and evaporate faster since it won’t stay on the car for a longer period of time.

However, once the water disappears, the dust, dirt, and all kinds of other elements that were present in the water will still stay back and create spots on top of your car’s ceramic coating. Therefore, even though the water is gone, the mess still stays back, and you might need to use your hands even harder to get rid of such mess.

Secondly, even though it acts as an external shield from all kinds of outside harm, it still fails when it comes to scratches and swirl marks. The ceramic coating on your car isn’t effective when it comes to scratches and swirl marks. You might even need to spend more money to fix scratch and swirl marks on your ceramic coating than the normal exterior body, hence proving that this is an expensive method.

Lastly, it is not easy coating your car with ceramic as you need the assistance of a professional to put on this coating and your home kit won’t work as you need to mix several elements and create a chemical solution polymer which simply isn’t easy to create at home.

Apart from being a difficult task, this is also a very time taking process which takes hours and could possibly lead to days before the whole process is complete. So, get ready to rent a car as you will be carless for the next few days.


In conclusion, using ceramic coatings on your car can give it a new lease on life, protecting it from the elements and making it look good in the process. Whether you’re looking to prolong the life of your current car or add a touch of luxury, ceramic coatings are a great option. Get in touch with a specialist to learn more about the benefits and how you can get started.


how long does it take to ceramic coat a car?

A car can be coated with ceramic paint in a few hours to a day, depending on the size and make of the vehicle. It is important to note that this type of coating is not permanent and will eventually require re-coating. It is possible to have the car painted in one day if the dimensions of the vehicle are small. Larger vehicles may take a couple of days to complete.

how long ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coatings are applied to a variety of surfaces to give them a shiny appearance and protect them from the elements. Ceramic coatings usually last for around two years, but can last up to five years if they are properly maintained. To keep your ceramic coating looking its best, make sure to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and an appropriate cleaner.

how much does it cost to ceramic coat a car?

Ceramic coatings can protect car surfaces from the harsh UV rays of the sun, help reduce oil and dirt buildup, and even enhance the color of a car. The cost of the ceramic coating varies depending on the size and type of vehicle but typically ranges from around $200 to $1,000.

is waterless car wash safe for ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a very thin layer of paint on the exterior of a car. It can be easily damaged by water, which is why many people choose to go waterless when washing their cars.
There are a few things you need to keep in mind before using a waterless car wash on your ceramic coating: first, make sure the car is clean beforehand;
Secondly, use a mild soap or detergent; and finally, be sure to rinse off the soap completely.
If you follow these simple tips and your ceramic coating is still damaged after using a waterless car wash, don’t worry – there are other options available to you. One option is to have your car professionally cleaned; another is to use an auto waxing service that uses waxes that are specifically designed not to damage ceramic coatings.

how do i know if my car has ceramic coating?

ceramic coating is a type of finish that is applied to car bodies, and it is becoming more popular as the material becomes harder to scratch. It is also very resistant to fading and staining. There are several ways to test if your car has ceramic coating.
The first way is to look for a sticker on the window that states the car has been professionally coated. If the car does not have this sticker, you can test for ceramic coating by rubbing your hand over the surface.
If the finish feels smooth, then it likely has ceramic coating. Another way to test for ceramic coating is to use a toothbrush.
If the bristles feel rough after brushing against the surface, then the coating likely isn’t there.

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