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The ultimate guide to building a car garage in 2022

Well, the solution is Building Your Own Car Garage! It’s not that hard to make your own garage and there’s always the fun in creating your own stuff by yourself and maybe with the help of a few others as not everything can be achieved by one person. Building your own garage is actually a pretty fun task that you can either build with your family members or free friends or even with your work buddies.

Since it’s time to build a garage, we need not only the physical materials but also the mental materials. This means that we need to enhance our basic knowledge about building a garage.

Before you try to cook food, you won’t just randomly put some on the pan and expect it to turn into edible food, right? What you will do instead is read a cookbook or watch a cooking video, and then follow all the steps accordingly as mentioned in the cookbook or the cooking video. That way you will get your desired result which would either be perfect or almost perfect.

Similar to that situation, you cannot just build a garage with just basic knowledge or by looking at some garage designs. If you do that, then you will just take some planks and cement and try to make a garage but will fail ultimately. This will be a waste of time, effort, and resources. You mustn’t rush when making anything as a beginner.

What you need to do is read up on different kinds of cement available, the kinds of wooden planks that will be able to support the rooftop of your garage, what kind of metal bars do you need to keep the rooftop upright, and all kinds of other need-to-know information related to building a garage. However, before you build a garage, you need to measure how big or small is your car, its length, height, and width. You do not need to measure its weight, however, as that measurement isn’t needed at this point.

When it comes to building a garage, you also need to keep in mind how many cars will you be fitting in there, so to help you with that, we have prepared a table for you. Scroll down to take a look at it.

1 Car Garage2 Car Garage3 Car Garage4 Car Garage
Average Area300 square feet550 square feet750 square feet970 square feet
Garage door9’11’13’16’
Bikes that can fit in it46810
Estimation table on 1 car garage to 4 car garage

Now you will mention that I did not include height in the table that is presented on top of you and that is due to the fact that, it depends on the structures around your car and mainly due to your car’s height. You can either make the rooftop almost touch the head of your car meaning your garage’s height won’t be that high or you can also make the rooftop not almost touch your car’s head and make it even higher.

But why make it higher than you need to? Well, you can later on put up some small shelves up top and use it as a storage space for your car accessories or your camping gear or anything else you might want to store in it.

However, while building your own garage, don’t use the exact measurement on the table above. The table above shows an estimate of how much space you might need. It totally depends on your car when building your own garage because what if you make a 1 car garage using the exact measurements from above but later on can’t fit your car in it because your car is very wide. So I request you to take the measurement of your car and fill the table with it, then you will get the accurate measurements.

Therefore, use the above table as an idea but make sure to build your garage slightly bigger than the measurements, then you will have some space to move your car in case you need to.

But wait; before we start to construct our very own garage, we need to know the different types of garages there are for cars. There isn’t the only basic garage with your house TV show version out there. There are actually several types of garages out there, and we will now be taking a look at them with their perks and flaws.

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Garage 1: The basic garage

Well, let us start with the one we are all familiar with. The one we see in all kinds of movies and series is built on the right or left side of the house. The typical scene where the wife bids her husband farewell as he reverses his car from the garage and heads to work. That is the most common type of garage out there.

In reality, their actual name is attached garage, and you can easily understand why it’s called that because it is due to the fact that it is attached to the main house with a door on the inside which will easily let you travel to and fro your garage from your house.

With an attached garage, you can easily check up on your car since it’s with your house, and you don’t need to travel to the curbside to check up on your car. If you hear any random noise in the middle of the night, you can rush to your car without even needing to change clothes, since the garage is connected to your house and not that you need to leave your house at all.

Since it’s connected to your house, you can build up small shelves inside the garage and utilize the top parts of the garage and turn it into a storage space for all kinds of accessories. It will act as an attic but in the garage. Its exterior design and colors need to match the ones of the house, or else it will look very odd with 2 different designs.

Now, to make sure that they both have the same type of design, you need to build it while you build your house. Basically, you need to construct them both at the same time. This means that you need to plan very early if you want an attached garage or not because once you are done constructing the house halfway or almost done, it won’t be possible to construct the attached garage then. 

Since your garage will be with your house, your house will be smaller compared to the houses nearby. Why? Well, everyone has a specific amount of land on which they can build their house. So, what will happen when you use 2/3 part of that land to build your house and the rest 1/3 to build your garage? You will have less space for your living arrangement than you are normally supposed to then. But hey, at least you are getting an attached garage with your house.

Garage 2: Detached Garages

Well, you can clearly understand from its name that it is the polar opposite of an attached garage. It definitely isn’t connected to your house, which means you might have to walk for a while before you reach your garage, and it can be pretty annoying if you are in a hurry. On top of that, imagine if it’s raining or snowing, and you need to be at some place at that moment. It will almost be impossible to reach your car even if you use an umbrella.

Aside from it is not exactly connected to your house, it won’t be on the same color palette or consist of the same designs as your house which might look weird as they both don’t have the same pattern even though they are both yours.

Well, let us move away from the dark side and take a look at the bright side. Firstly, since it will be a bit further away from your house, you can easily turn it into your own workshop where you can work on your car while also crafting something with wood or same some kind of pottery stuff. But how does a detached garage help in this case?

Well, no matter what kind of work you tend to do, they are bound to produce some noise, and building a garage slightly far away from your house will decrease the noise pollution that would be causing chaos inside your house. Secondly, since it’s being constructed a bit far from your house, it wouldn’t be on limited space, and you can make it as humongous as you want to, depending on the land size. This way you get to construct your house even bigger and later on construct a garage of your own size choice a bit further away, which brings me to my third point and that is the construction timing.

Since you don’t want to build a garage and house at the same time, you can build your house first and then build a detached garage later on whenever you want to build it without any rush. This option is financially beneficial, and you can focus more on it instead of focusing both on the house and garage at the same time. So, are you still trying to decide whether to get an attached or detached garage? Well, you are going to have to think about that later as we have a few more garages to introduce.

Garage Building Steps:

Step 1: Garage building is not an easy task. Without proper planning, you cannot expect a good garage for your own. So planning for a garage really difficult task for anyone.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Garage 3: The one with the loft

Well, normally when you hear of a garage, you think of it as a place to store and keep your car safe from all kinds of problems and worries. But did you ever hear about a garage with a loft? Well, prepare to be amazed as we will now dive into a new era of the garage.

For starters, this is a kind of garage that is bigger than a normal car garage. Why is that? It is because not only does it already have space for cars, but it also has a space upstairs that serves as a living room for usual guests. It serves as a place to base operations for you and your friends while playing some sort of team game.  If you don’t make a room up there, it will practically go to waste. So why waste when you can easily make a room up there for convenience.

However, not all good things come that easily. To build a garage with a loft, you need to hire and consult professional architecture and workers since it isn’t an easy structure that can be built overnight. This will take more time to construct compared to an attached or a detached garage since it’s bigger and will have a living space up there.

Since you will be needing professional architecture and workers for this project, you will also need to buy more materials for its enormous size, and that means your cost will increase both ways. This will include more cement, bricks, wooden planks, paint, and all kinds of stuff.

This will be the most expensive build when compared to an attached garage, detached garage, and carport garage. Wait, carport garage? Well, don’t think you missed anything because we will get to that one shortly. Aside from all the drawbacks, well you at least get some living space on top of your garage which makes it fancy. So, I would say win-win in this case?

Garage 4: Carport garage

 We have come to the final type of garage, and it is the carport garage. Well, the name doesn’t describe anything, unlike the previous garage where the name had some kind of tease towards the final structure. While reading the name, it sounds like a port or something like that. Hate to disappoint you, but this isn’t any kind of big or fancy structure. In fact, this is the simplest type of garage out there. It’s only a shade!

Well, what do you mean it’s only a shade? It’s basically just a rooftop that consists of 2-4 steel bars which help to keep the cloth or glass or any kind of material that you are using and provides shade for your car.

This is the cheapest option for shades if you are on a budget and also it doesn’t even take up much space so you can build it wherever you want and you can make it as big as you want or as small as you want since there’s no limit. Since it’s just a rooftop on some steel bars, you don’t even need to spend much time and effort on it since it can easily be completed within a few hours.

Now, since we covered the good parts, let us know the not-so-good parts. Basically, it’s just a rooftop with no walls around it, right? That means that the chances of breaking into your car or damaging your car are still high.

Aside from that, no walls mean not much protection, which also means that your car is still left unprotected from outside obstacles such as very high or very low temperatures which can affect your car very badly. Other than that, you will at least get some protection from rain, snow, and other kinds of debris that might fall from up top. So a win-lose case this time?

Are garages actually essential?

Well, it can vary from one person to another as some might think why waste money and space to create a structure when you can just park your car on the curbside. That point is actually valid only if you live in a safe neighborhood. However, if you live in a neighborhood where there are several reports of car theft and vandalism, then the wise choice would be to create a shield around your car which is a garage because you need to protect your car at all costs.

If someone comes and steals your car tire, you might need to pay several hundreds of dollars just to get a replacement for the stolen tire. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In light of all this information, we have gained quite a lot of stuff about the different kinds of garages out there and their uniqueness as no two things are ever the same. Attached garages can provide easy access to and from the house. Detached garages can have their own design and can be built on it’s space instead of sharing space.

A garage with lofts can serve as an external territorial space for all kinds of needs. Carports can be built anywhere since it requires almost little to no space. Now, the choice is yours. What kind of garage do you want to build? Hoping that this piece of the article was able to help you with the different types of garages. If you have any other questions, you can refer to our other articles which might help you.


is it better to keep your car in the garage ?

There are a few factors to consider when making this decision.
If you live in an area with severe weather, such as hail or extreme rain, it is best to keep your car in the garage. This will protect your car from any potential damage.
If you have a small driveway and not enough room to park your car on the street, keeping it in the garage may be your only option.
If you have a remote starter, keeping your car in the garage can be helpful in warming it up before driving.

how to protect your car from snow without a garage ?

Snow can cause a lot of damage to a car, even if it’s parked in a driveway. The best way to protect your car from the snow is to have a garage in which to park it, but if you don’t have a garage, there are still some things you can do to protect it.
One thing you can do is park your car facing east so that the morning sun will help melt any snow on it. You can also use a cover for your car. There are both indoor and outdoor covers available. An indoor cover will protect your car from the snow and from the rain, while an outdoor cover will only protect it from the snow.

why does my car smell like gas in the garage ?

When you get in your car after it’s been sitting in the garage, does it smell like gasoline? It’s not just your imagination. Your car probably smells like gas because of the fumes from the gasoline that leaked out and mixed with the air in the garage.
The good news is that this problem is easy to fix. You just need to open a window or door to let the fumes escape, and then wipe down any surfaces where the gas might have spilled. Be sure to clean up any liquid spills immediately, since even a small amount of gasoline can be dangerous.
If you’re having trouble getting rid of the gas smell, you may need to call a professional to inspect your car for leaks. Leaks can be dangerous and can also lead to decreased fuel efficiency. So if your car smells like gas, don’t ignore it – take action right away!

what is a 3 car tandem garage ?

When it comes to extra storage or parking space, a 3 car tandem garage is a great option. This type of garage has three parking spots, but they are all tandem spots, meaning that they are side-by-side instead of one in front of the other. This can be a great option for people who have a lot of cars or for those who want to use the extra space for storage.
There are some things to consider before deciding if a 3 car tandem garage is right for you.
First, you need to make sure that you have enough room on your property to accommodate it. The garage itself will be wider than a traditional one-car garage, so you need to make sure that there is enough space on either side of your house for it.
Another thing to consider is the cost.

how many square feet is a four car garage?

A four-car garage is typically about 750 to 800 square feet. This size is large enough to fit four cars, as well as storage space for tools, lawn equipment, and other items.

how many lumens for 2 car garage?

When it comes to brightness, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The number of lumens you need in a garage will vary depending on the size of the garage, the type of lighting fixtures you use, and other factors.
That said, a general rule of thumb is that you need about 50 lumens for every square foot of space. So if your garage is around 200 square feet, you would need about 10,000 lumens.
If you have a two-car garage, you’ll likely need even more lumens. A good starting point is 15,000 lumens. This will provide plenty of brightness for both cars and the surrounding area.

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